Private Lessons 


Student / Parent Quotes:

"Sean's creativity as a teacher, combined with his own talents as a tenor sax, flute and clarinet player make him a terrific find in the world of private music instruction."

"Passion, enthusiasm, inspiration, intelligence, and patience are just some of the qualities that Sean Nowell brings to life, music, and teaching."

"Sean has been careful not to over teach, but to experience learning through playing. Many of my most important learning lessons have been in back and forth

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NYSSMA Evaluations 

"Wow - what struck me as you began your performance was your exceptional, mature use of vibrato...all technical aspects of this piece were totally mastered. Your tone is excellent. I loved the relaxed feel of your performance. This was a most impressive performance! Congratulations to you and your teacher on superior preparation and performance"


"You have a great tone - warm, rich and round. Interpretation is stunning. Expression is very musically mature. Excellent use of vibrato. All aspects of the

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Sean Nowell is an excellent saxophone teacher. When I first started taking lessons with him as a young'n, he taught me how to play scales, form a proper embouchure, and read sheet music fluently. About a year ago, he helped me record a Giant Steps solo for college applications. But there are many excellent saxophone teachers. What makes Sean such an important person in my life is the fact that he is one of the few people I know who is passionate and courageous enough to truly follow his dreams; many

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